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Postpartum Trio +1 Pack


3 essential remedies to help with emotional and physical recovery after giving birth, plus a free remedy…

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Breastfeeding support formula

This formula is an electromagnetic solution of remedies known to enhance pituitary function and production of prolactin and mother’s milk, improve lymphatic drainage to prevent mastitis, encourage hormonal balance, prevent nipple pain and inflammation and cracked nipples, and improve the quality of mother’s milk.

Birth recovery formula

For use after all types of natural as well as Caesarean-section birth to promote healing and recovery. This remedy also contains an electromagnetic solution of selected remedies that work effectively to promote hormonal balance, thus improving both emotional balance and physical wellbeing after delivery.

Stress, exhaustion & burnout formula

For symptoms of exhaustion, burnout, mental and physical fatigue and exhaustion after prolonged stress. Assists with feelings of being overwhelmed, low energy levels, exhaustion and burnout. Improves adrenal function and the ability to cope with and respond to everyday stress. Promotes a sense of enthusiasm and renewed interest in life, and helps to restore emotional stability.

FREE GIFT: Rescue formula

Helps to relieve emotional and physical symptoms associated with anxiety, panic and trauma. Use in any emergency or highly stressful or emotionally charged situation. Can be used for an immediate calming effect in any stressful or traumatic situation. Good for new mom and baby too.

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