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Remote / distance consultation with Eugénie Rowson – for People & Pets!

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Please watch video below for more important information.

A sample of your hair or photograph will be used by Eugénie Rowson (Founder of The Remedy Shoppe & Natural Health Practitioner) whilst she talks to you by WhatsApp to discuss your health issues. She will also make up 3 specialised remedies to assist, which will be delivered by Courier to your door (South Africa only).

Send a photo (head & shoulders) to 0827712292 or courier a sample (1 cm cutting) of your hair to Eugénie Rowson at 34 Crawford Drive, Douglasdale, Johannesburg. Then call us 0827712292 to schedule a time for your Remote consultation.

Please watch video below for more important information.






Eugénie Rowson Consultation Structure & Fees

Remote / distance Consultation fee with remedies (South Africa only) : R880 plus Courier charge

R 880 for 45 mins duration includes :
Comprehensive case history & analysis
Biofeedback testing & treatment
3 specialised remedies
If indicated, other remedies will be recommended which can be purchased from The Remedy Shoppe.

Remote / distance Consultation fee without remedies : R780

R 780 for 60 mins duration includes :
Comprehensive case history & analysis
Biofeedback testing & treatment

Late cancellation policy: Please note that any consultation cancelled within 24 hrs of the scheduled appointment will be subject to a late cancellation fee of the full amount.

Please note that we do not handle emergencies – Please refer such cases immediately to your nearest ER / Hospital.

Regrettably, no charges for a consultation or Vibrational Medicine may be claimed from any medical aid.

6 reviews for Remote / distance consultation with Eugénie Rowson – for People & Pets!

  1. Simon

    ADHD /Behavioural disorders/Language difficulties/ Autism spectrum…

    After our last few consultations with you remotely (by distance; we live in Cape Town) regarding our 4 year old son’s difficulties, we are seeing some nice and steady progress.

    We are noticing that he is actually getting more and more calmer; he is no longer really having some of those tantrums that we reported the first time, where he used to cry, showed obsessional behaviour. He has generally calmed down and we’ve noticed that now he can actually concentrate for longer; he sits in front of the TV and actually watches the cartoons and concentrates without fidgeting, or getting up and running around. This has been so encouraging for us as parents to see and we’re also noticing that he generally is more and more ” present “. However, we need to persevere with your treatment because he is still struggling quite a lot with with Confidence. Sometimes when I speak to him he responds but replies so softly that we have to prompt him to speak louder. He also takes a long time to respond when being called. We have also noticed that his language, his verbal communications is really improving and he is speaking in fuller sentences – he used to just pull us to draw attention to what he wants.
    We still need to also focus treatment on another area of concern. When M comes back from school he gets into a kind of a short hyperactive frenzy when jumps up and down on the sofa and mumbles things to himself. We try to calm him down but this behaviour repeats often.

    J – Cape Town 19 Oct 2020

  2. Simon

    This is the first time no asthma medication in probably 20 years!!!

    This patient had been suffering with chronic Asthma for many years, using various inhalers and other medications. After 2 consultations with Eugenie and using her remedies he has improved dramatically…..https://theremedyshoppe.co.za/product/asthma-wheezy-cough-formula/

    Hi Genie, just some quick feedback. I have been off all asthma medicine for a week now. So off avamys, ventolin and symbicord. And therefore also off daktarin. Felling good and coping with lungs. Conjunctivitis still bad but not serious. Thank you👏👏👏👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏. This is the first time no asthma medication in probably 20 years!!! Thank you again

    S Johannesburg 17 Jul 20

  3. Simon

    Cat’s eye infection/inflammation healed in two days

    Louis the Cat is so happy now that his eye infection /inflammation healed so quickly, only using Eugenie’s Eye Infection & Conjunctivitis Formula which can be used for Adults, children, infants and Pets! Just spray onto a favourite snack or into water. No more suffering, no toxic medicines with nasty side effects. What a pleasure, thank you to the Remedy Shoppe!http://genierowson.co.za/cats-eye-infection-inflammation-healed-in-two-days/

    James – Johannesburg 2 August 20

  4. Simon

    Cant believe how much better her shoulder is lookinghttp://genierowson.co.za/cant-believe-how-much-better-her-shoulder-is-looking/
    27 Aug – Had a stroke and affected her left side. She is very unstable on her feet and keeps collapsing… Fell and bruised shoulder

    Remote treatment – remedies sent

    28 Aug – Remote treatment – Remedies sent including Grief, Shock & Trauma / Injury Recovery / Muscular sprains inflammation pain

    31 Aug – Her shoulder is really sore but giving her your remedies, not sure if there is a break. Dr said that if there is a break there’s nothing they can do. Been taking your remedies and much brighter, more mobile but shoulder giving a lot of pain

    1 Sept – Physically Mom feeling so much better. Shoulder this evening wasn’t too bad.

    2 Sep – Can’t believe how much better her shoulder is looking

    4 Sep – Shoulder much better

    Remote treatment – no remedies

    J- Johannesburg 4 Sept 20

  5. Simon

    Someone who is kind and caring and important and I think you are one of those people…
    Broken ankle healed
    G (living in Spain) – “had an accident 6 weeks ago – thrown off her horse and broke both bones in my left leg at the ankle. I have a plate in in each side each with 4 screws. I have 15 stitches in the left side and 9 stitches on the right side. I’m due to go back to the hospital in 2 weeks time to have more x rays and hopefully have the plaster cast taken off and I assume they’ll give a boot or some form of support. I felt far worse after the operation than I did after the accident itself, huge amount of pain which lasted until a week ago when the pain vanished and i still have a tingling in my 3 toes”

    30 July Remote consultation with Eugenie –

    Recommended Injury recovery formula and Post Op / Surgery formula

    31 Aug Remote consultation with Eugenie –

    Thank you again Eugenie, your lovely words as well ….life’s a funny old thing isn’t it, we all have to battle along with the challenges life brings us, but sometimes those challenges bring into our lives someone who is kind and caring and important and I think you are one of those people, and I know that V values you and your knowledge hugely and has great respect for you, so I’m very grateful to V for bringing you and your help into my life, and I wish you all the very best and your understanding and love of Africa…very special, lots of love to you my dear…God Bless, goodbye.

    G – Spain 31 Aug 20

  6. Simon

    My back pain is so much better….My back pain is so much better….

    J from Johannesburg was suffering from severe, deep back pain which started suddenly one evening – after 1 remote consultation and using the prescribed remedies her pain had improved significantly in 24 hours…

    Hi Genie,

    Thanks for the treatment yesterday, I am feeling so much better. Thanks!

    Jenny Johannesburg 12 Jul 20

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