Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for everything

These are the ones for repeats… my winner team of remedies, designed and created by my brilliant homeopath!

Oh Genie… thank you from the bottom of my heart, for Everything, including your patience with me, and your willingness to answer another question after my time is up, re my gardener… AND for the spinal treatment. You are absolutely incredible!

Oh, and I forgot to answer your Saturday question… I will be using an oven for the bread baking. Thank you so much for helping me with that too, just when you have a chance! ⭐
Thank you so much for the generals to help with stress!

Thank you so much Genie for letting me know about the sand, for exfoliation, and charcoal… and re sunshine which is an extremely important reminder to me, and organic avo oil. Do you even bother with a face cloth?
I’m completely fascinated by what you’ve told me re your personal approach… this is vitally important info for me and all women

Good grief Genie… this feels like a miracle!! I can’t believe how you have just helped me…
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this invaluable information, and for coming back to me so quickly, and for going out of your way and helping me outside of my appointment.
How God has blessed me in bringing me to your door back in 2009!
Go well til next time! ⭐

Incredible to hear that our no name fruit and vegetables can be organic export quality Genie! I would never have guessed this. What a blessing that you discovered this, through your brilliant pendulum work, and can teach the likes of us… big thanks to you! All the more reason for me to develop this extraordinarily empowering skill.

On the strength of what you taught me yesterday, please could I make so bold as to ask you for help as a plant physician? (Just if or when you have a chance…)
My young avo in a pot is battling, and I suspect it may be a soil imbalance. Just wondering if you could check for me, with your amazing chart and pendulum… I would be fascinated to learn more about how this works.

Also, another potplant which loses a lot of new lea…
Gosh Genie I’ve just been eating my heart out looking at your videos… wowee!! You guys are absolutely incredible! What an unbelievable inspiration! And to see you picking your first mange tout… oh what a feeling! You must be absolutely over the moon… I can hear in your voice your delight. Thank you with all my heart for sharing these with me… it is spurring me on like you can’t believe.
And thank you for the enormous help you’ve given me in this appointment… thanks be to God for you in my life and in this world Genie! ⭐

K – EL Sept 23 – Jan 24

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