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The book is a definite mood enhancer – The Star

A compact self-help guide for anyone wanting to use homeopathic medicine to treat everyday ailments. This easy-to-read book includes FAQs, essential for the beginner.

As well as offering a brief history of homeopathy, highly qualified therapist Eugenie Rowson describes her own journey to discover the benefits of going the homeopathic route after disillusionment with allopathic (conventional) medicines, especially with regard to her children.

Each of the A-Z ailments is accompanied by its own nifty blank “notes” area to record the user’s observations. There is an excellent glossary to guide readers through the labyrinth of Latin and abbreviations, plus a┬áchecklist of┬áremedies that can’t be taken together.

A definite mood enhancer, the beautiful photographs are a refreshing change from the usual dry offerings in this genre. Recommended. – Jax Mitchell