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Vibrational Medicine gave me back my life – Sue

I really want to thank you for giving me my life back. I was one of those non-converts and battled the traditional medicine route for many years. Lord knows I tried everything. I suffer from epilepsy, high blood pressure and chronic depression.

Or was it? I discovered that all my symptoms called urgently for Sepia, after conculting with Genie. Since starting to take it, I have been a different person. I have been off anti-depressants for a year now . In that time I went into a dip, consulted with Genie and within two months of serious doses of Sepia and Ignatia I had a new mood, a new man and a whole lot of verve for life. This is how I remember myself when I was young and carefree. I went into another dip this month and started taking Sepia again. It was a matter of two days and I was improving greatly.