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Your remedies saved my daughter – June

Dear Genie, I would sincerely like to thank you for your remedies which you administered to my daughter Zakara. Had she not had the sense to ask for your help there is a good chance she would have not survived the “Dengue Fever”, as people in the Far East were dying like flies last year. 

I took her to a general practitioner when I realized Dengue is very similar to malaria (my best friend contracted Dengue some years ago). Panado was recommended along with a blood test which would not be able to analyse Dengue as we do not have the test for it. Needless to say, six days later the child was still feverish, vomiting, headaches, bleeding nose and gums and unable to eat. On the 6th day she asked me if she could go and see you. Your machine was not calibrated for Dengue, however it picked up all the malaria symptoms without the liver dysfunction. You gave her a bunch of remedies to be taken every 15 minutes for a few days. Within eight hours Zak was a different person and well on her way to recovery. Thank-you Genie! Thank-you for your enthusiasm and fantastic results our family have enjoyed from your treatments.