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ADHD /Behavioural disorders/Language difficulties/ Autism spectrum…

After our last few consultations with you remotely (by distance; we live in Cape Town) regarding our 4 year old son’s difficulties, we are seeing some nice and steady progress.

We are noticing that he is actually getting more and more calmer; he is no longer really having some of those tantrums that we reported the first time, where he used to cry, showed obsessional behaviour. He has generally calmed down and we’ve noticed that now he can actually concentrate for longer; he sits in front of the TV and actually watches the cartoons and concentrates without fidgeting, or getting up and running around. This has been so encouraging for us as parents to see and we’re also noticing that he generally is more and more ” present “. However, we need to persevere with your treatment because he is still struggling quite a lot with with Confidence. Sometimes when I speak to him he responds but replies so softly that we have to prompt him to speak louder. He also takes a long time to respond when being called. We have also noticed that his language, his verbal communications is really improving and he is speaking in fuller sentences – he used to just pull us to draw attention to what he wants.
We still need to also focus treatment on another area of concern. When M comes back from school he gets into a kind of a short hyperactive frenzy when jumps up and down on the sofa and mumbles things to himself. We try to calm him down but this behaviour repeats often.


J – Cape Town 19 Oct 2020

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