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Everybody’s headache is different

A headache is generally understood as a pain somewhere on the head, and most people turn to a “one size-fits-all” medication for help, such as paracetamol, aspirin, codeine or ibuprofen, regardless of the nature of the headache. Not every headache and migraine is the same – Vibrational Medicine recognises that there are hundreds of different types – learn more about this and the self-help, natural healing of headaches & migraines with our great range of remedies available to you from The Remedy Shoppe.

Natural healing of headaches & migraine

Some headaches and migraines have a known cause such as emotional and physical stress, eye strain, dehydration, toxicity, alcohol, lack of sleep, tiredness. However, others seem unrelated to any particular circumstance or trigger. Regardless of whether the origin of the headache or migraine is known or not, Vibrational Medicine has a remedy to match every imaginable head pain.

Some of the most common descriptions of head pain or headache may include: pressing, throbbing, tearing, burning, electric, neuralgic, shooting, stabbing or bursting, and may have a specific location such as, worse on the left side, worse on the right side, frontal, occipital; or may be described as “like a wind through my eye”; like the top of my head is exploding”, “like a band around my head”, “like a tight cap”; “with a pressure behind my eyes”, “with stiffness and pain in my neck”; “moving from my neck over to the top of my head”; “with a shooting pain from my ear through my jaw”, “with a prickling sensation on my scalp”. Headaches may also be accompanied by nausea, dizziness, seeing sparks or flashes, great thirst, irritability, grief, a need to be left alone or a need to lie quietly in the dark.

Certain headaches are made worse by lying down, worse for movement, better for tying a tight band around the head … and lots, lots more. For every one of these descriptions, Vibrational Medicine has a tried-and-tested remedy! The body communicates its disorder and dis-ease through the symptoms that we see and feel, just as the artist expresses his ideas on the canvas. If we don’t like the expression of the artist, should we cover up the painting – as with suppressive medicine, and leave the artist to produce another one exactly like it, or should we correct the artist?

Each headache description relates to an underlying disorder, yet we don’t necessarily need to know what causes it in order to fix it. For example, a headache that feels like a “tight cap” usually relates to kidney toxicity and indicates that the remedy Berberis Vulgaris is needed. However, you don’t need to know this. You simply need to find the remedy that matches your description of your headache … and both your headache and your kidneys will be treated!

Vibrational Medicine works by stimulating the body’s healing mechanisms. It is safe and free of side effects, and therefore an excellent self-help option. Above all, it really works! Always choose a remedy that most closely matches the description of your headache, migraine or head pain, associated symptoms and possible related causes if known.

Here are a few excellent headache remedies to get you started. If you are not sure which remedy to choose, try our Headaches & migraines formula which contains a combination of these remedies :

Berberis Vulgaris – for a squeezing headache that feels like one is wearing a very tight cap around and over the whole head. Pain may be accompanied by a general feeling of listlessness and apathy and possible vertigo and fainting. Headache feels worse for standing, walking, bending forward; worse for any movement and worse after exercise.

Bryonia – headache begins in the back of the neck and moves to the front of the head, remaining over the forehead and eyes. Head feels like it is bursting or splitting, is very sore to move and eyes feel painful and worse for the slightest movement. May feel dizzy and even nauseous, with a great thirst for long drinks. Headaches symptoms may be accompanied by great irritability – this is known a the Grumpy Bear remedy.

Gelsemium – for a headache which makes you feel dizzy, weak and heavy-headed; or it feels like a band around the head; a dull heavy ache with heaviness of the eyelids; pain in the head extends from the temples to the ears or chin. Neck and shoulder muscles may also be sore.

Glonoinum – a very effective remedy for a pulsating, throbbing headache accompanied by extreme irritability. Accompanied by throbbing in the ears. Cannot tolerate anything hot near the head – a cool, damp face cloth might help. Excellent for a headache after sitting in the sun too long.

Nat Mur – for the typical migraine-type headache; can be severe and varied and may be throbbing, beating, pressing or hammering in nature; it is either frontal or one-sided. May be accompanied by nausea and vomiting with a need to lie quietly in the dark and sleep. Headache may begin with tingling in the tongue, lips or nose. May have been caused by emotional upset, delayed eating, eye strain, dehydration, or too much heat or sun. Might also feel giddy and off balance. Eyes feel very sore to move and you may see fiery zigzags in front of the eyes.

Nux Vom – great option for headaches that result from modern-life excesses; the typical hangover-type or over-indulgence headache. Headache is frontal, seated over the eyes or at the back of the head and neck. Brain feels like it is swirling. May be worse in the morning (especially if over-indulgence is the cause). Accompanied by hypersensitivity and irritability, impatience, light sensitivity of the eyes and an intolerance of noise or odours.

Racemosa – an excellent remedy for headache / migraine type symptoms that come on before or during a woman’s menstrual cycle. Pains are electric, shooting or throbbing with exploding (pressing outward sensation); brains feels enormous; often accompanied by spasms in the neck and shoulder muscles and emotional agitation.

Headache & migraine related causes and associated symptoms :

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Headache remedies work wonders!
My husband won a competition in November where you sent us 2 headache remedies
– they were great & have really helped him as he’s stuck behind a computer all day so often suffers from tension headaches & neck tension. We really appreciated this! Kind regards, Tracy
Migraine miracle after flu vaccination
I was suffering from an extreme reaction to the flu shot. After 4 days of migraines, chills and nausea I visited Eugenie……with the hope of finding a solution to the unbearable and altogether debilitating pain. Less than 24 hours later I had completely recovered. Being a sceptic prior to my visit, I can now confidently recommend her remedies to others who are tired of the unhelpful and more than likely harmful medicine that is readily prescribed…
James D


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