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Serious kneecap injury healed by Eugenie’s remedies

6 April: B fell on Sunday 25th and took all the skin/flesh off his kneecap; he had to have it stitched back by a plastic surgeon, who had to stitch back layer by layer. When we went back for our checkup yesterday, the piece of skinĀ  that has been actually stitched back is quite discoloured, quite dark and according to the surgeon not getting enough blood supply so I was hoping this would be something you could help out with.

The surgeon says if it doesn’t heal he’ll need a skin graft

Eugenie treated him on 6th April – recommended Manganese, known as the wound healer and specifically good for the knee cap injuries and cartilage – also an Anti bacterial remedy made up for B to assist with prevention of infection and Post Op healing specifically for him.

Treated again on Sat 7th and again on Mon 9th.

Had appointment with plastic surgeon on Tues 10th.

Treated again on Tues 17th

Its looking much better thanks Genie, Vast improvement

17 April: Thanks a million Genie

23 April : It is so much better thank you Genie


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